LoB Exec Board Predictions vs. Wisconsin

Greg Zelinske, President

After taking a beat down from Purdue Saturday afternoon, I expect those Nits to come out with a vengeance. Expect Bank$ to really take up his leadership role and for freshmen to play a bit role. I foresee Watkins and Moore in early foul trouble, but I think Lamar comes in and plays surprisingly well at an unfitting 5 spot. Wisconsin is a tough place to play, but not as tough as Purdue.

Penn State 74, Wisconsin 73 in a nail biter


Nick Malizia, Vice-President & Social Media Manager

They should schedule these games later in the day.

Penn State 72, Wisconsin 71 in OT

Andrew Flatley, Treasurer

After a close loss to Indiana and being blown out by Purdue, I just can’t see PSU pulling this one out. Wisconsin is one of the better teams in the conference, and being on the road just doesn’t give me much hope for tonight. Here’s to hoping they can prove me wrong!

Penn State 64, Wisconsin 78

Mike Kwasnik, Webmaster

Penn State travels to Wisconsin to play the big ten front-runner this time. Nigel Hayes is a big ten player of the year candidate, and he really hurt the Lions last season. PSU will need to have the game of the season to pull this one off.

Penn State 59, Wisconsin 72

Liz Cooney, Executive Officer

It is my sincere belief that Wisconsin will

blow a 21-point lead in the second half. Proving to be a one-half team, Penn State will be sloppy and slow in the first half. By the second half, they’ll be fired up and ready to upset the Badgers, aka angry skunks.

Penn State 75, Wisconsin 72

Gavin Vanstone, Executive Officer

Meh. This isn’t gonna be an easy game for the Nittany Lions. Away, weeknight game in Madison. Wisconsin has been rolling and is arguably the best team in the B1G. A win here would be huge, but not confident. It’ll probably be a classic game for us though, go down ~10, bring it back to 3 in the second half, only to lose by double digits.

Wisconsin 73, Penn State 60

Shannon Jacob, Executive Officer

Gotta love Penn State but I do believe after taking a beating against Purdue and now headed to a competitive Wisconsin that they won’t be able to pull out the victory.

Penn State 63, Wisconsin 72

Patrick Burns, Executive Officer

Whoever at the B1G scheduled PSU to play Purdue and Wisconsin on the road back-to-back is a bad person and should feel bad. The Badgers, led by Nigel Hayes and sharpshooter Bronson Koenig, are yet to lose at home this year. Penn State’s best shot at winning will be getting big-man Ethan Happ or Hayes get in foul trouble and taking advantage of Wisconsin’s lack of frontcourt depth. The road after this game for the Nittany Lions is rather manageable, so there’s no need to get discouraged if things don’t go according to plan tonight.

Penn State 63, Wisconsin 77

Alex Trias, Executive Officer

Within 4 games, Penn State has had to face 3 B1G teams that were at one point or another all top 25 teams and a strong Indiana. We played great defense in a win over Minnesota, played tough in the loss against Indiana, and were M.I.A. at Purdon’t. We are an inconsistent team, but every game there are some things that just get me excited for their future. This game at Wisconsin is going to be tough, and we will need to have our shots fall and continue our upper-tier defense in order to come out on top.

Penn State 75, Wisconsin 72


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