LoB Exec Board Predictions @ Indiana

Greg Zelinske, President

Revenge will be oh. so. sweet.

Penn State 72, Indiana 67


Nick Malizia, Vice-President & Social Media Manager

End of the game will be: Shep, 3 pointer, turns to the students, SHHHHHHHHHH!

Penn State 73, Indiana 68 (On top of not learning how to read in college, Nick also never learned how to count)


Andrew Flatley, Treasurer

This one’s going to be close. Penn State’s coming off a nice win against Illinois, while the Hoosiers are coming off two consecutive losses. In the end, I think the home court advantage is going to be the thing to tip the scale in the favor of the Hoosiers – but it’ll be a close one.

Penn State 70, Indiana 73


Mike Kwasnik, Webmaster

The salt will salivate my mouth. Hoops crew, revenge will be had.

Penn State 75, Indiana 72


Liz Cooney, Executive Officer

Close games are awesome. Close game losses not so much. It stung, but this team is ready to fight back.

Penn State 72, Indiana 69 #nice


Gavin Vanstone, Executive Officer

Another tough one for the Nittany Lions. Assembly Hall is not a friendly place to play. If Shep can come alive, the sky’s the limit. I haven’t seen enough from this team to give them a tough win on the road though. Indiana does have some significant injuries though so anything is possible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Indiana 75, Penn State 66
Shannon Jacob, Executive Officer

I see Penn State starting out strong against Indiana but unfortunately misses late shots that make the game harder to handle. It will be another nail biter until the very end.

Penn State 73, Indiana 72


Alex Trias, Executive Officer

Anunoby is out for the season. Blackmon Jr out indefinitely with a leg injury. With these two guys out, especially Blackmon who was a real big part to why they beat Penn State at the final buzzer last time around, Penn State has the opportunity to win the second matchup between these two teams, as long as we can play a more consistent 40 minutes of basketball.

Penn State 75, Indiana 70

Mercedes Fraistat, Secretary

Hey! I’m back! After a few tough games on the road and a great win at home the Lions are back on the road to Indiana! Personally I cannot wait to see the team dominate the court. I predict another tough battle but the Lions will come out victorious.

Penn State 72, Indiana 69


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