LoB Exec Board Predictions vs. Maryland

Greg Zelinske, President

I have no clue to think about this one. No. Clue. I thought coming out after the 3OT loss at Indiana that the Nits would be fired up. Well, I was wrong. They were absolutely gassed and it showed in their loss to a lowly Rutgers squad last Saturday. I really want to hope that loss lit a fire under these guys, especially newly-proclaimed captain Tony Carr. If nothing else, knowing that the team went right to the practice gym after that loss continues to show me how much this crew wants to keep getting better. If Shep comes out firing and Tony continues his great performances, then I foresee a nice upset win. If they start slow, Melo Trimble is going to make them pay. Also, it’s a turtle, not a Terp.

Penn State 73, Maryland 75 in a heartbreaker.

Nick Malizia, Vice-President & Social Media Manager

This game is too early. 6 PM tip? Jeez. Penn State might be caught sleeping. BUT THEY WILL STILL UPSET THE TERPS!

Penn State 82, Maryland 70

Andrew Flatley, Treasurer

This one’s going to be rough. After the loss to Rutgers, I feel like this team is pretty down about themselves. I hope it lights a fire under them, but I just don’t see it translating on the scoreboard. UMD is a top 25 team, and with a player like Melo Trimble, I feel like they’re going to wipe the floor with PSU. Let’s hope the boys prove me wrong.

Penn State 64, Maryland 77

Mike Kwasnik, Webmaster

Reeling after a tough home loss, the Terps come to town at the top of the Big Ten and a whopping 20-3 record. The Lions need to rebound and force contested shots in order to give themselves the best opportunity to win. In addition, players must move away from the ball to create space. This is tough to predict, as both teams are fairly young.

Penn State 68, Maryland 70

Liz Cooney, Executive Officer

Like Greg said, I have no idea what to expect from this game. A loss to Rutgers after a game like Indiana is just heartbreaking. This season, it seems like after a rough patch like this, they bounce back. I just hope that that’s the case tonight.

Penn State 64, Maryland 80

Gavin Vanstone, Executive Officer

Vegas seems to like us a bit more than I do, with the game opening at PSU +3. I think PSU can steal the W, but they need a lot more fluidity on offense. They can’t have any lulls and they need to come out fast and furious. The other key is shutting down Trimble. Josh is going to have his hands full. Another fun fact, since joining the B1G, each of these games have been decided by 6 or less points.

Maryland 72, Penn State 66

Shannon Jacob, Executive Officer

Penn State recently lost to a disappointing game to Rutgers. I hope this disappointment as well as naming Tony Carr  a captain fires these Nittany Lions up. They will need to bring out their big guns.  Josh Reaves has been a player that always seems to bring the game to new heights with his defensive skills and steals. Josh Reaves paired with the lions getting the rebounds will allow them to compete with the Terps. However, I sadly do believe that they won’t be able to hold to the Terps. Either way, you all know we’ll be cheering them our boys on.  

Penn State 71, Maryland 77

Patrick Burns, Executive Officer

Tonight offers a great opportunity for Penn State to avenge this past weekend’s brutal loss to Rutgers. Maryland has one central weakness: turning the ball over. Penn State has undeniably been at its best this season when it runs in transition. The Lions are dangerous when playing up-tempo, and if Josh Reaves, Tony Carr and Terrence Samuel can wreak havoc defensively, this game will be closer than many expect.

Maryland 78, Penn State 74

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