LoB Exec Board Predictions vs. Nebraska

Greg Zelinske, President

There is one major key to this game: Rebounding. Nebraska is a fantastic team on the boards. If the Nittany Lions can overcome that, along with their rigorous travel schedule the last two weeks, I think PSU takes this one. It also helps that B1G Freshman of the Week Lamar Stevens and rising star Tony Carr have finally hit their stride and are looking very comfortable playing in the B1G. Chambers. Something something slow start and big second half.

Penn State 76, Nebrasketball 69

Nick Malizia, Vice-President & Social Media Manager

Hot take: I don’t like the term “Nebrasketball”…..today.

Penn State 76, Nebrasketball 65

Andrew Flatley, Treasurer

This team is on fire! The Philly Six are going to play a consistent, full game, and PSU is going to bring home the W to Happy Valley.

Penn State 76, Nebraska 72

Mike Kwasnik, Webmaster

PSU travels to Lincoln to take on the best meme name there is, Nebrasketball! Tai Webster and Glynn Watson are one of the best backcourt duos in the conference. The Lions will need to slow them down in order to be victorious. If Payton and Shep can catch some fire from behind the arc, watch out. Feed the post too. If not, this could be similar to last year

Penn State 73, Nebraska 71 OT

Liz Cooney, Executive Officer

Penn State is on FIRE (insert flame emojis). Nebraska is coming off a close OT loss to Wisconsin so this won’t be an easy win for our Nittany Lions. I expect BANK$ and Tony Carr to have big games, allowing us to win. Boy, do I wish that this was home so Greg could wave the L flag at Nebraska after the game.

Penn State 75, Nebraska 61

Gavin Vanstone, Executive Officer

Another game where Vegas likes us less than I like us. I think we can win this game against a Nebrasketball team that hasn’t really found its stride yet this season. A good out of conference win against Dayton and four B1G wins over Purdue, Indiana, Maryland, and Iowa. How they beat the first three, I’m still not entirely sure. Nebraska has two good guards in Tai Webster and Glynn Watson Jr., so Penn State is gonna need a big day on the defensive side of the ball from Tony, Shep, Josh, and hopefully Terrance. If the combo of Webster and Watson score less than 30, Penn State wins. If not, this could be a long night.

Penn State 76, Nebraska 74

Shannon Jacob, Executive Officer

Its simple for me. It will be a tough game but as long as the Philly six keep showing up including Tony Carr (Captain) and Lamar Stevens (B1G Freshman of the week) it will be lit. I see the lions putting up a fight against Nebraska even though the Huskers are a good team. I do wish to see Payton Banks and SH3P draining more threes but time will only tell. This team means a lot me and therefore the best Valentine’s day gift is obviously them winning.

Penn State 76, Nebraska 71

Patrick Burns, Executive Officer

Since losing to Rutgers, newly-minted Captain Tony Carr and reigning B1G Freshman of the Week Lamar Stevens have been the main components in Penn State’s improved leadership, rebounding, and offensive production. Even though Nebraska has only one win in its last nine games, it can rebound the basketball as good as any other team in the country. We’ll also see if travel plays a factor in this game, as Nebraska is coming off four days rest and has not played on the road in over a week, while Penn State just hopped on a plane for the third time in as many days. Rebounding, a difficult venue and fatigue could plague the Nittany Lions Tuesday night, but I’m optimistic at PSU’s chances to earn its third-straight victory.

Penn State 78, Nebraska 76

Alex Trias, Executive Officer

Penn State is building momentum with wins against Maryland and Illinois and I think it will continue Tuesday against a Nebraska team that is currently on a 3 game losing streak.

Penn State 75, Nebraska 68


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