LoB Exec Predictions – B1G Tourney Round 2

Greg Zelinske, President

I’m going with the same prediction I did when Penn State and Michigan State faces off in the Palestra. Shut down Miles Bridges. Plain and simple. If the Nittany Lions can do that, I foresee them playing again on Friday against Minnesota.

Penn State 72, Michigan State 70

Nick Malizia, Vice-President & Social Media Manager

I packed for five games.

Penn State 72, Michigan State 65

Andrew Flatley, Treasurer

After a long, strenuous overtime win against Nebraska, this team is going to be tired…But they have fight. Watkins is going to have his second monster game in a row, and Sh3p is going to show his true leadership. Carr is going to hit the game winning shot, and PSU is going to squeak it out.

Penn State 73, Michigan State 72

Mercedes Fraistat, Secretary

Hi. It’s me, again. I said I wasn’t going to write another prediction but the team won, so I’ll give this another go. The boys have played Michigan State once this year and it ended well. We can only hope it goes well again. Nick has enough outfits packed for 4 more games so who knows what’s going to happens. Thank you Jon Whetstone for my score prediction- crushing it! Watch the Nittany Lions take on the Michigan State…. something’s tomorrow around 2:30pm! #BLUETogether

Penn State 73, Michigan State 62

Mike Kwasnik, Webmaster

This MSU team will be much different than what we saw in the Palestra. I’m not sure what Spartan team will show up either. But, Michigan State will try to stop Watkins, and we will have open 3’s. Make those, and this game is ours.

Penn State 68, Michigan State 67

Liz Cooney, Executive Officer

After beating Nebraska in OT, Penn State is feeling pretty confident. But to continue to advance in this tournament, they cannot let up. Michigan State is a dangerous team and it’s going to take a solid performance across the board for Penn State to pull off an upset and continue into the 3rd round. That being said, I have full confidence in this team.

Penn State 75, Michigan State 69

Shannon Jacob, Executive Officer

We beat Michigan State in the Palestra and just beat Nebraska in OT. Watkins was on fire during his first appearance in the B1G Tourney and SH3P got his shots back. With Tony Carr bringing his energy for this game, I see the Nittany Lions beating the Spartans once again.

Penn State 76, Michigan State 70

Patrick Burns, Executive Officer

As evidenced by Penn State’s 72-63 win over Michigan State in January, the Nittany Lions match up against the Spartans as well as anyone else in the Big Ten.

There’s two keys to this game for PSU:

  1. Lock down Miles Bridges.
  2. Keep Mike Watkins and Lamar Stevens out of foul trouble.

If Mike Watkins can’t stay on the floor because of foul trouble or if Josh Reaves is still banged up from an ankle injury sustained against Nebraska on Wednesday, Bridges and fellow freshman Nick Ward could very well take over the game for Michigan State. If not, the Nittany Lions move on to face Minnesota.

Penn State 77, Michigan State 75


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